LED Lights and Wallbeds

Many of our wallbeds are used primarily as guest beds. I am sure this comes as no surprise! This blog is about completing the comfort for your friends and family.

For some reason, when I take a break or go on vacation, I tend to read more.  I’m not sure why that is, but I know I am not alone. There is something special about choosing the right book for a getaway.

Vertical Wallbed with LED Reading Lights

Vertical Wallbed with LED Reading Lights

Many times while visiting, sleep schedules between hosts and guests don’t match. Their bedtime may be earlier than yours, and you don’t want to linger in the living room by yourself. Your generous hosts have installed a lovely wallbed and picked a comfy mattress so you can relax while visiting them. Time to head to your home-away-from-home and crawl under the covers. This is the best time to read!

Your thoughtful host has made sure you can do this comfortably by adding one special detail: LED Lights.  They offer the right amount of warm light to your book, tablet or Kindle and being LEDs, hardly use any power at all.

We use a low voltage system that is very simple and discreet. All the wires are hidden and the power comes from a simple wall outlet.  No need to call an electrician! The wireless switch is attached to the inside wall of the bed cabinet and is on or off with the simple touch of a button.  Should you forget to turn off the lights before closing the bed, LEDs won’t cause a fire!  They stay cool to the touch and are very safe. The other wonderful thing about LEDs is the long lifespan of the diodes! Unlike traditional light bulbs which will burn out at the worst time, LEDs last for tens of thousands of hours!

So grab a book, get comfy and enjoy the world it brings you to!  In the morning, don’t forget to thank your awesome host for their thoughtfulness. Maybe next year they will make coffee the way YOU like it…but for now, life is good!

Now you see it. Now you DON’T!

We are the Great American Wallbed Co. in Bellevue, WA.

For information about LEDs in general, check out this site.

BTW: These lights don’t work in the Horizontal Beds. Sorry about that!

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