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The Great American Wallbed Co. manufactures and sells the most affordable and quality built product in the Northwest. Best of all it gains space for you. Why monopolize a small bedroom with a great big bed? Or how about making your bedroom into an office and put a library bed in your living room?

The condominium, apartment, townhouse and assisted care housing markets is a great place for our products. There is one wallbed that we make that I am particularly fond of and that is our library bed. Take a close look at it and see if you don’t agree.


The Great American Wallbed Co. has been in business for a few of years now, but the idea has been germinating in my brain for decades. We really have a good product. However, it’s not doing you any good to just read this stuff I wrote, you need to give me a call and let’s get together so I can show you, in person, what we can do for you.

Warmest regards,
Robert Pratt
Robert F Pratt
The Great American Wallbed Co., Inc.


Hi, I’m Åshild a.k.a. Heidi Pratt.  I am here to write about great and magical ways to add SPACE in your home.  Whether you live in a one-room downtown Studio Apartment, or a mansion with 5 bedrooms and private airstrip, or something in between, you have a need, idea, or challenge regarding SPACE.

  • You love where you live.  You’re not moving.  Your family is growing.  Your home is not. Remodeling is too costly.  I’m here to show you exciting solutions!
  • You “down-sized” to a condo or apartment and are adjusting to a limited footprint.  I am here to write about making the most of less.

My husband Robert; our daughter, Anne Howley;  and Adam Madron – while not blood related, is nevertheless a very important part of the whole; and myself, make up The Great American Wallbed Co. (There is one other member of the GAWC family, Kitty the Greeter. You can read about her below.)

Heidi small

I write the blogs with the intention to give you as much info, insight, and knowledge about our products and services, as well as the industry in general. I will also write about related subjects like accessories, real estate and people.

I am not famous, but am infamous in certain circles.I have won no prizes for my writings…yet.  (Although I think some are astoundingly well expressed 😉

I have interacted with hundreds upon hundreds of people interested in buying wallbeds.

I have stood; I have walked;  I have demonstrated;  and sometimes plunked down on a hard stool during endless hours at Costco Road Shows.

I KNOW your story.  I wish I could share the wide range of delightful expressions from customers on completion of their wallbeds and cabinets installations, (but confidentiality policy prevents this).

I grew up in Norway, my father was a great storyteller in times when people had time to listen.  I yearned for adventure so I immigrated to the USA.  I lived several places and settled in the Pacific NW where I have taught English as Second Language for over 20 years.

I write for you now.   Don’t miss a thing!  Check out my blogs!


3 thoughts on “Who We Are

  1. Madelon Isaacs

    Hi Heidi,
    I am in real estate and your product is the answer to many homeowners who need the extra space. I have had clients who have downsized from a big house to a two bedroom with a den condo, and they find that your wall bed helps them on those important occasions when they have extra guests and family coming to stay with them. No more bringing out the blow up mattress or the cot, they have a comfortable bed to sleep in and the room looks so elegant. Good job and great product!

    • Thank you Madelon for the compliments! Our Library Bed works especially well in a den. Books and object d’art have their place and don’t have to be removed when the bed is opened.


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